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Located in the Blue Hills Ski Area Rental's Building, our tune shop has years of experience tuning, waxing, and repairing skis and snowboards. From basic tune-up and waxing services, to delicate race tunes and complicated repairs, we are committed to providing excellent services to our customers. Our mission is not only to provide the most satisfying and quickest services we can, but more importantly, the safest skiing and snowboarding experiences by making sure that your equipment is well prepared and tuned throughout the season.

Hours of Operation

Our Tune Shop is open during the summer with restricted hours! Feel free to reach out below or give us a call at 781-828-5070 for information and to set up an appointment. Now offering preseason discounts on tune shop services! Click on the link below to view pricing.


If you wish to speak to a technician regarding tuning, repairs, etc., please contact Tai Y. Lim, Tune Shop Manager at or (617) 233-9702 for a free consultation.



We encourage all the skiers and snowboarders to service their equipment prior to the winter seasons. Servicing the equipment greatly improves the performance in riding, extends the life of the gears, but most of all, ensures the safety of skiers and snowboarders.


At Blue Hills Tune Shop, we offer various services that relate to the equipment tuning, waxing, binding works, and repairs.

Standard Tune-up (Full Machine Tune)

Minor Base Repair (P-tex)

Base Grind

Side Edge Tune

Machine Wax


Full Hand Tune/ Race Tune (Skis only)

Minor Base Repair (P-tex)

Base Grind (Machine)

Base Bevel (customized angle)

Side Edge Tune (customized angle)

Hand Wax


Major Base/Edge Repair

Metal Grip, Epoxy, P-tex, and precision tools



Machine Wax

Hand Wax


Binding Works

Adjustment & Test

Binding Mount (System Bindings only)

Please note that during the busy season, the availability of Hand Tune and Hand Wax services are subject to the tune shop’s weekly schedules.

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