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3 to Ski


It takes three to ski at age 3! Our brand new 3 to Ski program is a fun, play-centered experience teaming up: a passionate and professional snowsports instructor, a caregiver who wants to introduce their 3 year old to the sport of skiing, and a 3 year old!


Each week for 3 weeks, you and your 3 year old will join us on our learning slope to slide, fall down, get up, laugh and learn with help of expert instructors who are professionals at working with very young children. We require 100% caregiver participation as we will teach you how to teach your child to ski in a supportive, fun-filled environment. This program provides you with an opportunity to play, learn, and create special memories with your 3 year old on snow and build enthusiasm to last a lifetime Caregivers do not need to know how to ski or snowboard to be part of this program, however ski or snowboard boots are required to participate on snow in the learning area.


This program is open to a maximum of 10 caregiver + child pairs with multiple snowsports instructors leading the fun and learning. Our snowsports instructors will facilitate the program on snow for 1 hour. We understand that at this age children may not have the energy or focus to be on snow for the full lesson. If your child needs to watch for a bit before joining in, needs to take a break before rejoining the group, or is ready to head to the lodge for their hot chocolate early, we understand and have built in the extra time for this reason. We understand there is a wide range of development in 2–4-year-olds cognitively, emotionally, and physically and we train our instructors to meet the needs of our youngest snowsports enthusiasts. We will coordinate with you to make sure they have the best experience with safety, fun, and learning our main objectives.

Check out our 30 minute Little Otter private lessons if you would prefer a one-on-one snowsports experience for your child.

Private Lesson Table-3.png

A snow pass OR season pass AND equipment (rental or personal) are required to participate in all lessons.

Package includes 3 x 1 hour lessons, complimentary 3 and under snow pass, rental without helmet, and 3 x hot chocolate vouchers.

We understand that plans can change. You may email us up to 48 hours prior to the start of the reservation for a full refund. No refunds will be offered after this period. Please review our policies before booking.

All unused products will expire at the close of the 2023/2024 season.

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