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Parking at Blue Hills Ski Area

On busy days we have a parking staff and operate a shuttle bus

between the various lots we use.

Unless otherwise instructed, go to Lot 1.

An attendant will direct you to available parking and shuttle service.


Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Please follow directions of parking staff. Drop Off and Pick-Up are usually to the right once you have entered Lot 1. Under no circumstances can you park or wait in this area. Please use your cell phone to communicate with your pick-up and make arrangements for a timely pick-up.  Please park in Lots 2, 3, or 4 while waiting.


Vehicles left unattended in Drop-off or Pick-up, double parked, or blocking another vehicle will be towed at owner’s expense.

Lot 1:

Located at the entrance of the ski area. Side spaces are head-in parking only and center parking is end to end with the vehicle in front.


Drop-off to the right once you have entered lot. Please follow directions of parking attendant.

On certain midweek evenings, buses for youth and race groups will use the right hand side of the lot.


Lot 2:

Located to the North of the Trailside Museum, This lot is an easy walk to the ski area and is serviced by our shuttle bus. Tip: When exiting Lot 2, you may only make a right turn. To return to 93/95, turn right onto Carlton Avenue, make next left and make a left turn at the traffic light to head back towards the ski area and the highways.


Lot 3:

This is the Department of Transportation parking lot located to the north of Dunkin’ Donuts on Washington Street.


Lot 4:

Houghton’s Pond Lot. At the intersection, head east on Blue Hill River Road. Go straight through 3-way stop. Houghton’s Pond parking on your right.

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