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Rental Equipment

You can purchase rentals ahead of time in our online store to avoid paying in person. You will still need to get fitted and fill out a rental form in person. 
Our rentals building is the red building to the left when you
walk up from parking lot 1.
What do you need to know to rent ski equipment? Height, Weight, Shoe Size, Age & Ability Level. Don't know your ability level? Click here to find out: What Ability Are You?


You MUST be 18 years or older to sign a rental waiver. Children under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign their waiver to rent any of our gear.

Daily Rental Equipment

Ski Package (Skis, Boots & Poles)                       
Snowboard Package (Board & Boots)                 
Ski/SB Package after 5PM                                      
Skis Only | Snowboard Only                                   
Snowboard Boots Only              
Ski Poles                                                                      

Seasonal Rentals

When you want to ski or ride, come to Blue Hills and we will quickly get you

setup and out on the hill! Give us a call a few hours before you arrive or the day before and we will try our best to have your rentals ready for your arrival. ​

You can use your seasonal rental as many times as you want throughout the season! Get fitted once preseason or during the season and we keep your sizing on file. 

We only offer on site seasonal rentals.

Seasonal rentals are for season passholders.

We do not allow any of our equipment to go off site. 

Price is the same for adult & children skies/snowboards.

Thanks for submitting!


Have any questions for our Rentals Department? Reach out and we can help!

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