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The Alpine Race Clinic offers coaching on skill development and gate training. Hone racing skills with specialized instruction and skill development. The Alpine Race Clinic is geared toward the advanced athlete/a season long weekend racer looking to improve, apply course tactics and/or searching for some additional speed.

Program is for intermediate/advanced level skiers 18+ only.

Package includes: Six 75 minute coached sessions, Blue Hills Challenge Cup Entry, and a Blue Hills Season Pass Valid Only Non-Holiday Weekdays 3-9PM. Blackout Dates: 1/16, 2/20-2/24



  1/17 | 1/24 | 1/31 | 2/7 | 2/14 | 2/28


TBD for all-inclusive package:

Tuesday Alpine Clinic 7:15-8:45; M-F 3-9pm season pass w/blackout dates | March Challenge Cup Race Series entry (3 races)

TBD same as above for current season pass holders

TBD single session walk-in includes the snow pass

TBD single session walk-in without snow pass

 TBD Upgrade for unlimited Group Training (gate) Wednesdays & Thursdays 3-5pm

(must participate in the Alpine Race Clinic)

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