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   The Blue Hills Alpine Race Championship

The Championship is a series of races

with a grand finale event!

The first 50 registrants will receive a Blue Hills Alpine Race T-shirt!


Both teams of up to 7 and individuals may enter.

Awards will be Gold, Silver & Bronze per teams and individuals per age bracket.

There are three brackets – U14 & under; U19 & U16 and Collegiate & Masters.

All ability levels are welcome.

The U18 and U16 will be divided by gender,

the U14 and Masters Collegiate will be coed competition. 

Families may race one another!


There are three qualifying races: Wednesday, March 2, Thursday, March 3 & Monday, March 7.

Each racer and or team must have three completed runs to qualify for the Championship.

Please note: everyone is welcome to race in the Championship; however only

racers qualified will compete for awards.


The Blue Hills Alpine Championship is Wednesday, March 9.

Kindly remember that teams and individuals must have three runs to

qualify for the Championship event. Please see race scoring details.


There is a $35 race fee per race or a discounted fee for the three qualifiers of $99, and for racers that qualify, a $25 Championship race fee.


Season pass holder’s race fee is $30 per race or a discounted fee for the three qualifiers of $75 and for racers that qualify a $25 Championship race fee.


The race fee includes a ticket to access the hill at 5pm for warm up and course inspection.


Register now! Races entries will be limited. 

To register: click buy online above and then

Blue Hills Race Championship Series; follow the prompts.





Blue Hills Alpine Championship 2022

 More Details


Each qualifying race will consist of two runs; each run will be scored separately.

Teams and individuals may qualify.


Teams and individuals must have three runs to qualify for the Championship event. Each qualifier and the Championship will be started as a mixed-gender, random seed.

Team seeding will be one member from each team up to 7 seven seeds and

teams may select their order 1 through 7.


There will be one SL and two GS qualifying races.


Race scoring will be per run according to finish place points; lowest points = highest qualifier.

For example, 1st place = 1 point, 2nd place = 2 points, 25th place = 25 points and so on.


In addition, teams will be scored.

Team race scoring will be based on the top 5 places from up to seven members

(teams may enter with only 5 members).

Athletes on teams will qualify for both individual and team awards by place finish.

Teams may consist of 5, 6 or 7 members, though each team member must compete

in the same age bracket.

Teams must provide a roster to enter; no substitutions will be permitted.


There are 3 age brackets: U14 & under; U19 & U16 and Collegiate & Masters.

Teams may consist of up to seven members with the top five athletes scoring race points. Younger athletes may participate on older age bracket teams, but older may NOT participate on younger teams.


Each racer/team must have a minimum of 3 qualifying runs (there will be 6 qualifying runs total; 2 runs in each of the 3 qualifying races). For each individual and team member, the best 3 finish places count towards qualifying for the Championship event; the sum of the best (lowest points) three-run race scores will be calculated towards the team and individual qualifying results.


The Blue Hills Alpine Championship shall be scored based on finish place points of that event (qualifying race points allow racers to enter the Championship, but do not count in the Championship race).


Races entries will be limited; Blue Hills reserves the right to limit registrants and move race dates so events occur on snow surface conditions that are fun and typical spring conditions. Weather dates may be Tuesday, March 8, Thursday, March 10 or as announced.


Athletes that select the 3 race discount option will not be refunded if they do not attend a race. Refunds may occur if Blue Hills Alpine Racing cancels an event, rather than changes to the date.